Products available and data access

DUACS products available

Different processing Levels are available. They consist in Level3 (L3) and Level4 (L4) (see DUACS processing steps).

The L3 and L4 are processed over different regions and in Near Real Time (NRT) and/or Delayed Time (DT) conditions as summarized in the following table.

The altimeter L3 (all satellite except Sentinel-3A) and L4 products are produced by the DUACS system as part as the Copernicus Marine and Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS). The Sentinel-3 L3 products are processed on behalf of EUMETSAT, funded by the European Union.


region L3 products L4 products
Global Ocean Processed in NRT & DT Processed in NRT & DT
Mediterranean Sea Processed in NRT in “phy_assim” version  & DT Processed in NRT & DT
Black Sea Processed in NRT & DT Processed in NRT & DT
Arctic Ocean Processed in NRT None
European Seas Processed in NRT “phy_assim” version None

Table: Overview of the different altimeter products available (product level, regions processed and delay of processing)


Different physical variables are included for L3 and L4 products both. They are described in the Product User Manual


DUACS altimeter products access

All the L3 and L4  products are disseminated on CMEMS catalogue:
See SEALEVEL_*_OBSERVATIONS_008_* products