L2P upstream products monitoring

Data freshness

The following figure presents the monitoring of the aging of the last measurement available at the start time of the DUACS processing. The IGDR/STC (see DUACS processing) products are usually processed with a 24 to 48h delay; OGDR/NRT (see DUACS processing) products are usually processed with few hours delay.

DUACS data freschness

L2P data quality

The following figures present the statistics (mean, standards deviation, number of measurement) at mono-  and multi-mission cross-over locations, before and after calibration processing. Only cross-over with time lag less than 10 days are selected; the diagnostics is computed with a 7 days sampling.

The diagnostic highlights the consistency of the measurements between ascending and descending passes of the reference mission (mono-mission cross-over locations), and between complementary/opportunity and reference mission (multi-mission cross-over locations).

This diagnostic is computed over the Global Ocean.