System version changes

DUACS system impacting version changes


System version Date of change Change description
v15.8 2016/04/13 Improved products:

  • Use of FES2014 ocean tide correction
  • Use of MSS DTU13 (Arctic product)
v16.0 2016/09/13
  • Integration Jason-3.
  • Introduction of the “sla_assim” product for the “Europe” region
v16.1 2016/11/22
  • Integration OSTM/Jason-2 interleaved
  • Change MSS solution for geodetic/drifting missions
v17.0 2017/04/19
  • Add new physical variables (adt, uv, ..); product format change
  • Integration of Sentinel-3A mission.

Improved products:

  • Use new MSS for Arctic regional processing