CMEMS Ocean Monitoring Indicators

The Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS) now proposes a catalogue of Ocean Monitoring Indicators (OMI) including some OMIs derived from the DUACS altimeter sea level products (see the DUACS products and Ocean Indicators).

Due to their processing focused on the stability and homogeneity of the sea level record (see here), the computation of the CMEMS sea level OMIs is based on the C3S climate sea level products.

A yearly status of the CMEMS OMIs is provided in the CMEMS Ocean State Report (OSR).

Temporal evolution of globally averaged daily mean sea level without annual and semi-annual signals (blue) and low-pass filtered mean sea level (red). Arbitrary offsets have been introduced for more clarity. The MSL curves have been corrected for the GIA using the ICE5G-VM2 GIA model (Peltier, 2004).
Spatial distribution of the altimeter sea level trends during 01/1993 – 05/2017 (in mm/yr) in the global ocean. No GIA correction is applied on the altimeter data.